This is because it is never easy to have a relationship that

A summary of the five government reports (Johnson et al., 1979; Roberts, 1980a, 1980b; Roberts and Zumwalde, 1982; Sheehy et al., 1989) and ten published studies (Hatch, 1970; Knight and Hickish, 1970; Lorimer et al., 1976; Rohl et al., 1976; Jahn Christian Louboutin Clearance, 1983; Cheng and O 1986; R et al., 1986; Kauppinen and Korhonen, 1987; Plato et al., 1995; Weir et al., 2001) identified as containing short term asbestos air sampling data for brake mechanics is presented in Table 2. These 15 studies, conducted in the United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Germany, and Hong Kong between 1968 and 2000, represent more than 300 short term personal asbestos air samples for automobile and truck mechanics collected during brake machining and cleaning activities. Tables 3 and 4 present more detailed information on the individual air samples collected during specific brake repair activities involving cars and light trucks, and heavy trucks and buses, respectively.

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