Numerous blogs are available that guide the interested people

The first thing I want to ask about are Lucky’s Insta meets. If he didn’t quite invent the genre, he has certainly pioneered it. Here he is, explaining them in his own words: ‘It was really weird. Italy is known for its lip smacking cuisine, breathtakingly beautiful architectural masterpieces, posh fashion houses and scenic beauty. When there is so much on the plate, it is advisable to do some research before landing in Italy. Numerous blogs are available that guide the interested people.

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It is a shame that people are so ill informed as to think donating to Huntingdon Life Science is a good idea they conduct barbaric experiments on animals which are mostly futile and an outdated concept. Hillside is not a children’s charity, but is trying to help animals in need, of which there are many. They do a lot of good work, and its a shame so many people do not look into the reasons behind their decision to help these dogs.

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