South Africa cruise season runs from October to April and

TNPA said it had awarded V Waterfront the status of preferred bidder for an estimated R179 million investment in an agreement that includes operation Hermes Replica Fake Hermes Bags, maintenance and transfer of ownership back to TNPA after 20 years.The cruise industry is big business with conservative estimates set at about 10 000 visitors to the province each year, generating around R200m for the local economy.In 2012 Transnet announced a multi billion rand plan to build a dedicated cruise liner terminal in Cape Town but a number of red flags have snagged the tender application process and indirectly stunting the growth of the industry to date.The initial cruise terminal issue started when Cape Town cruise tourism received a knock after the Department of Home Affairs banned cruise liners longer than 200m from berthing at the Waterfront.READ: 5 Cool developments to keep an eye on in Cape Town CBDWhile the Cruise Terminal has been pegged to remain at E Berth in Duncan docks, the V Waterfront investment will open up access to one of the most scenic ports in the world Hermes Replica Handbags, set against the dramatic backdrop of Table Mountain coupled with the appeal of a mixed use destination that not only offers a broad hotel offering but a host of leisure activities and tours that depart from the V Waterfront.TNPA said in a statement that once completed, it will be able to accommodate the port’s current and future passenger vessel fleet. It is also envisaged that the upgraded facility will house value added retail and hospitality services.TNPA Chief Executive, Richard Vallihu said, landlord and ports master planner, Section 56 of the National Ports Act mandates TNPA to contract with private terminal operators to design, construct, rehabilitate, develop, finance, maintain and operate port terminals or facilities.All international cruise liner vessels are required to dock at the Port of Cape Town as the first port of call in line with a Directive from the Minister of Home Affairs under the Immigration Act 13 of 2011. South Africa cruise season runs from October to April and while activity has increased in the past 10 years, and passenger volumes had doubled globally South Africa accounts for an estimated 0.6 percent of overall passenger activity.upgraded Cape Town cruise terminal facility to be developed by V Waterfront will be a gateway to a unique African experience in cruise tourism, said Vallihu..

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