The most retained gene ontology categories corresponded to

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Canada Goose Jackets Most (65.4%) of the genes included in the Musa ancestral blocks are singletons and only 10% are retained in four copies, in agreement with the loss of most gene duplicated copies after WGD22. The most retained gene ontology categories corresponded to genes involved in transcription regulation (transcription factor activity), signal transduction including small GTPase mediated signal transduction and protein kinases, and translational elongation (Supplementary Text and Supplementary Tables 12 This might be explained by the gene balance hypothesis23, which suggests that genes involved in multiproteic complexes or regulatory genes are dosage sensitive and thus are more prone to be co retained or co lost after WGD24. With 3,155 genes, the number of Musa transcription factors identified is among the highest of all sequenced plant genomes (Supplementary Table 15 and 16).. Canada Goose Jackets

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